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NEPRA says K-Electric responsible for 20 rain-related deaths in Karachi

A NEPRA investigation team has declared that K-Electric is responsible for the deaths of 20 people in Karachi during the recent rains. 

The four-member team visited Karachi soon after the rains and submitted a report to the NEPRA head office in Islamabad. In the report it compiled its observations during its visit to Karachi.

It has said that K-Electric was responsible for the 20 electrocution deaths and has recommended action be taken against the company.

Accusing K-Electric of negligence and incompetence, the report also found K-Electric’s energy transmission system defective. It raised questions about the utility company’s operations as well.

It has not been capable of supplying safe and uninterrupted electricity to the people of Karachi, read the report.

During its visit, the team visited multiple areas in Karachi as well as K-Electric’s office. It also spoke to the families of the electrocution victims.

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