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NIZDA representatives discuss electricity problems with RCCI president

NIZDA representatives discuss electricity problems with RCCI president

Rawalpindi:National Industrial Zone Development Association (NIZDA) President Arshad Mehmood Awan, General Secretary Imran-ul-Haq and Finance Secretary Iftikhar Ahmed Jamal, Shaikh Sadaqat, Bashrat Abbasi and Malik Sajid, met with Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce officials and newly elected president of Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce (RCCI) and congratulated, Malik Saboor.

On the occasion, NIZDA President Arshad Awan discussed in detail about the installation of a grid station in Industrial Area Rawat and the recent dilapidation of the main road. Arshad Awan said the absence of a grid station in the Rawat Industrial Zone caused electricity problems. Wapda department has been informed about this many times but the problem has not been resolved till now.

He said that the main road in the Rawat Industrial Zone is suffering from breakage which is causing damage to the industry. The Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce should play its role in this regard by various organisations sending notices to the traders in the Rawat Industrial Area, which has created a wave of concern among the traders. He said that traders have been striking across the country for two days. The government has terminated business. The Rawalpindi Chamber is with the traders in this regard.

Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce Group Leader Sohail Altaf said that we will work hard to resolve the problems of NIZDA. Referring to the notice sent by the power grid station and various departments, he said that the Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce will play its due role in this regard and will work with the concerned agencies to resolve the issue. Malik Sohail Altaf and Chamber President Malik Saboor said that the Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce is with businessmen.

It is a tragedy that the government has not yet contacted the Rawalpindi Chamber on this important issue. Malik Saboor says that the Rawalpindi Chamber and businessmen are on a platform. We are with them. NIZDA officials congratulated Malik Sabur, the newly elected President of the Rawalpindi Chamber, and received a bouquet of flowers Presented.

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