Price hike hits Quetta as Ramazan nears


There has been a sudden increase in the prices of commodities in Quetta as Ramazan nears. 

The prices of vegetables, lentils, rice, milk, meat and other commodities have increased by up to 25%.

Milk prices went up from Rs100 per liter to Rs115 per liter whereas the price of yogurt increased from Rs110 per kg to Rs130 per kg.

The price of safed channa (white chickpeas) increased from Rs190 per kg to Rs210 per kg, along with prices of daal mash (white lentils) which increased by Rs30 to Rs200 per kg.

The price of cooking oil has risen by Rs20 per liter from Rs200 to Rs220. Ghee prices increased from Rs180 per kg to Rs210 per kg. High quality rice is now being sold at 240 per kg, which is Rs40 more expensive than its previous price. Wheat prices have increased by Rs60 and now cost Rs900 per 20kg.

Chicken is being sold at Rs300 per kg. Its old price was Rs260 per kg.

So far, the government hasn’t taken any steps to control the price of essential commodities.

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