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Priyanka isn’t a patriot, she is a nationalist: Ayesha Malik

Says the actor considers her country superior to all others

Social media activist Ayesha Malik, who had earlier confronted Priyanka Chopra for her war mongering, has said the Bollywood actor is not a patriot but a nationalist.

Malik said she is a fan of Priyanka, but the Bollywood actor disappointed many with her behaviour. She was speaking on SAMAA TV show ‘Sawaal’.

The social media activist accused Priyanka of war mongering.

“When she tweeted Jay Hind Indian armed forces, tensions between us (Pakistan and India) were at their peak,” she said, terming the Bollywood actor’s behaviour “irresponsible”.

Malik said Priyanka is the goodwill ambassador of the UNICEF, but despite that the Bollywood actor does not believe in equality.

“Priyanka is a United Nations ambassador and she said she was only patriotic,” the activist said. “But she was not patriotic, she was nationalistic.”

She said Priyanka considers her country superior to all others and the actor is not interested in “building bridges”.

Malik had earlier confronted the Bollywood actor during an event in Los Angeles. She had told Priyanka that she was “encouraging nuclear war” against Pakistan.

But the management had cut Malik short and snatched microphone from her.

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