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Punjab education department revokes registration of five private schools

The Punjab education department revoked on Tuesday registration of five private schools in the province after they failed to comply with the Lahore High Court’s orders to reduce fees.

The court had ordered private schools to charge the same fees they charged in January 2017. It had ruled that the school management could only increase their fees by 5-8% annually.

The education department revoked registration of 29 branches of these schools. These institutions failed to reduce their fees despite several notices served to them.

These schools can no longer continue their operations. If they do so, they will be sealed by authorities.

To restart their operations, these schools will have to cut their fees as per the court orders. These institutes will also have to get themselves registered again which might cost them millions of rupees.

Punjab Education Minister Murad Raas says they would also take action against other schools, which had not brought down their fees.

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