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Rush at tailor shops ahead of Eidul Fitr


A large number of customers are visiting gents tailor shops for booking of their clothes as most of the tailors in the twin cities have displayed paper-made boards at their shops reading they would not receive order for stitching clothes after 15th of Ramazan.

Some fourteen gents tailor shops are operating in the Commercial Market (B-Block) and all of them are receiving huge number of customers who want to give order for stitching of their clothes.

“It is the best time to place order for stitching of the clothes because the tailors will show their inability to entertain orders after some days,” said Yasir Malik, a resident of B-Block.

The tailors ranging from low-cost to high-cost are asking for Rs500 to Rs1,600 as stitching charges for each suit. The customers said that the tailors are taking undue advantage by increasing their stitching charges while the tailors claimed that escalating inflation, increased rates of electricity and surge in input costs is the reason of their increased charges.

Zahoor Raja, a tailor at Commercial Market, said they have to recover the electricity cost from their customers because they are also using power generators in the face of rising loadshedding.

“Escalating inflation has also affected our kitchen and household budget due to which we have no option except to increase our charges for stitching clothes. The price hike is a common phenomenon so it is not right to blame tailors for increasing their charges,” he said.

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