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Sara Ali Khan?s adorable ritual after the gym has India in awe

Sara Ali Khan’s adorable ritual after the gym has India in awe

Sara Ali Khan is one actress who wins hearts wherever she goes. 

The 24-year-old actor appears to have a special soft corner for kids as most of her daily gym ritual revolve around them. With her films coming out back to back, fans can’t wait to see more of her and daily heartwarming clips just leaves fans wanting more.

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One of Sara Ali Khan’s most lovable traits is her humility and love. It never fails to tug at her fans’ heart strings every time she steps out of her house. Wherever she goes, Sara Ali Khan is usually followed suite with a horde of paps who photograph her every move. 

However most of the media coverage and attention she receives is not only because she is a public figure, but also because she has the biggest of heart. Her daily life is filled with bits of kindness and humanitarian acts. It’s no wonder the world can’t stop falling in love with her.

Most of her photographed public visits, whether they are for a short errand run or to the gym, the star can be seen waving, and gifting flying kisses to her youngest fan base. 

On her way home each day, the actress is met with screams and squeals of excited children who wave to her till she speeds away in her car. The star is constantly called out by these youngsters and the glee on her face is evident every time she waves back at them. 

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