Shaquille O’Neal Continues To Cement His Legacy With $80 Million Project — NBA Legend Is Making Shaunie O’Neal And His Children Proud

Shaquille O’Neal has that investment spirit in him, and he has made it clear that he has no plans on living off of his fame from his basketball days forever.

The star has recently announced the grand opening of a brand new high-rise apartment building in New Jersey, to the tune of $80 million, according to official reports.

The building has 169 apartments, along with a gym, and rents are set between $1,800 and $2,895 per month.

The opening went through without a hitch, and many were quick to celebrate the star on his success online, pointing out that he has been doing more with his life than the average celebrity of his caliber.

Shaunie O’Neal’s ex-husband said this at the grand opening: “It’s going to go down as the most historic building in Newark. Second of all, it’s going to continue to beautify our city.”

He said the following in a past interview: “In 1992, me and my mother were visiting some relatives, and my mother said to me, ‘I remember when this city used to be beautiful, somebody needs to come by and invest in this city and make it beautiful again. She gave me an elbow to the chest like I’m that somebody.”

The new building is reportedly quite large, with almost 170 units for residents, an advanced gym, and much more in the way of luxuries.

Some rumors indicate that Shaq might be eyeing the building for a more permanent relocation of his own, and he does seem to be hinting at that with various of his talks recently.

However, whether that is really on the table or not is hard to tell, as Shaquille has proven to be quite secretive about some aspects of his private life in the past.

He is far from the only star to be taking on such experiments in his life lately, though, as LeBron James has recently also announced his own ventures into real estate, much to the surprise of some of his fans who did not see him in such a light in the past. It will be interesting to see how that plays out.

Shaq is handling his post-basketball career very well and some of his business moves have been pretty impressive. What do you think the basketball legend will announce next?

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Article source: https://celebrityinsider.org/shaquille-oneal-continues-to-cement-his-legacy-with-80-million-project-nba-legend-is-making-shaunie-oneal-and-his-children-proud-345457/

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