Sterling K. Brown Reveals That His Son Was Traumatized After Watching Black Panther

Sterling K. Brown, during on appearence on Late Night With Seth Meyers on the 25th of November, Monday, revealed that his two sons felt “traumatized” by his role in Black Panther claims Just Jared.

Brown has two sons, Andrew, 8, and Amaré, 4, with his wife, Ryan Michelle Bathe. Regarding his role in the new Frozen movie, Sterling stated that his kids are impressed by the movie itself, but not so much by his role in it.

According to the actor, Andrew, his 8-year-old, wasn’t thrilled at the fact Brown’s character and his son in the film die. Brown stated that when Killmonger died in the film, his son was practically convulsing, and it marked the second time his child cried at a movie.

Sterling joked that he had to pick up his 8-year-old and rock him back and forth while telling him everything was going to be ok. The actor went on to say that they then went to the afterparty, and during the entire time, his 8-year-old didn’t want to leave his side.

The last time we heard from Sterling K Brown was during the Predator controversy when Olivia Munn addressed the fact she was working with a convicted sexual predator on set and didn’t even know it at the time. The remake of the movie garnered all kinds of attention, but for all the wrong reasons.

20th Century Fox, the makers of the film, pulled one scene featuring Steven Wilder Striegl, a convicted sexual predator who was accused of having inappropriate sexual interactions with an underage girl. The director of the film, Shane Black, knew Mr. Striegel personally and cast him in several of his other films as well.

However, it was Olivia Munn who caused the most controversy because once she figured out that a sex offender was in the movie, she went to the studio and urged them to cut the scene. When the news first broke, Olivia, doubled down on what she considered was “doing the right thing.”

As a consequence of what she thought was the moral thing to do, the director backed out of all nearly all press engagements as did other members of the cast and crew. It ended up being Munn alone who did interviews with outlets such as The Hollywood Reporter, however, Sterling K. Brown later came out to say he was “sorry” that Olivia felt alone in her decision.

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