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The Corner: Yumna Imtiaz

Yumna Imtiaz, a artistic eventuality planner behind Grandeur Events, walks us by her favourite dilemma — her cosy vital room!

On a gentle afternoon, we conduct over to a gifted eventuality guru, Yumna Imtiaz’s home. Our horde greets us agreeably and offers us a potion of packet lemonade to cold us down. As we sip on a lemonade, a eye travels around a pleasing corner. The initial thing we notice is a white and brown, open-planned, contemporary kitchen on a left of a vital room that is connected to a douse kitchen, where all a cooking is customarily done. “My father likes to cook, hence a kitchen trustworthy with it was done for him. It is an ideal place for us to have a loose evening,” explains Imtiaz. Vibrant sunflowers placed in yellow and blue, ceramic vases that Imtiaz bought from her travels to Turkey, lighten adult a space.  

As we start a tour, Imtiaz points during her vintage, chalk-finished dining list where she and her family eat cooking together everyday. A wooden doorway opening adult to a scenic square connects to Imtiaz’s mother-in-law’s house. She shares that vital so tighten to her mother-in-law is rather useful and a good comfort for her. It also allows her children to revisit their grandparents often. As she continues to explain, we learn that family plays an critical purpose in Imtiaz’s life. Even with her chaotic schedule, she always prioritises her time with them.

The vital room is ornate with candles and family cinema as Imtiaz is a vast fan of uninformed scents, and so she feels candles are a ideal accessories for her space. “I wish everybody who comes to my residence to feel welcome, gentle and during ease. Our friends and my children’s friends hang out here so it’s a really loose area. The room represents us as an easy-going integrate and family,” adds Imtiaz.

As we admire a paintings from Laiba Malik and Changez, Imtiaz tells us that given it’s a family room and her children are young, she tries to keep it contemporary nonetheless charming so that everybody is gentle in a setting. “This room facilities several colours and has an heterogeneous brew of furniture. we wanted to keep things engaging and fun as it creates a room’s vibe welcoming therefore I’m constantly personification around with a blueprint in here. The vast windows open adult a space to a yard and patio, permitting elements of opposite spaces to emanate a gentle atmosphere,” she adds.

While a walls are lonesome with grey, jute wallpaper from Waqas Vohra, Imtiaz adds quirky accent pieces to uplift a space. Though out of all a intriguing elements we find in a room, Imtiaz claims that a embellished cupboard and side list are her favourite pieces.

As a debate comes to an end, we take a chair on one of a gentle black and orange sofas together to her Sony prosaic shade television, and puncture into a tasty pastries and homemade aloo chaat Imtiaz has set out for us. Sitting here, we consider of this room, and a certain appetite we feel here, that Imtiaz has solemnly combined in sequence to move a family together in a neutral space. This dilemma echoes her adore and significance for family life and reflects on her warm, kind personality.

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