Trans model Kami Sid will be walking at Hum Showcase this year

Along with her social work, Kami’d been busy doing shoots, a short film, even a drama and now, she’s ready to conquer the ramp. The model will be walking in this year’s Hum Showcase and couldn’t be more excited.

Speaking to Images, she shared, “I got selected for Hum Showcase after my Beyond Beautiful walk, I got a call from them early morning the next day. I feel so lucky, this is huge news for me. This time, it’s not a showstopper gig, I’ll be walking as a mainstream model on all three days.

I’m really thankful to the people who gave me this opportunity, like Raheel Rao and Rizwan Beyg.”

Sid feels that the trans community needs to step into the spotlight to create awareness and change societal perceptions, which is what she aims to do with her work in the entertainment industry.

In an earlier interview, she had said, “The transgender community has remained backstage for too long, doing makeup or other errands. By now we should be able to come forward and let people know that we too are a force to be reckoned with.”

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