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Try HibaLife’s 100% organic and farm fresh honey

Try HibaLife’s 100% organic and farm fresh honey

a change in the consumer trends in the USA, Faizan Syed, a Cornell University
graduate, saw an opportunity in Pakistan as he worked at Barclays Capital New
York, and decided to move home to help the market shift from processed foods to
more natural organic lifestyle solutions.

returned to explore the vast untapped ranges of the Hindu Kush Himalayas and
handpick fresh ingredients to make honey.

the process, he saw that the farmers were being exploited and so he decided to
introduce fair trade practices to empower them financially and economically.

seeing the success of homeopathy, ayurvedic and Chinese medicine the world
over, decided to look for localized solutions he could introduce. He found
qualified eastern medicine practitioners across Pakistan who helped him realise
a gap in the alternative health and lifestyle sector and introduced him to the
practices of Tib-e-Nabvi and the wisdom of the Hijaz region of Saudi Arabia.
This is how HibaLife was born.

(meaning gift of life in Arabic) draws inspiration from the Sunnah of the
Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and has developed a range of nutrition, health and
beauty products inspired by the Islamic traditions of the Hijaz. Their products
are 100% organic and farm-fresh.

has become more than just an organic goods company over the years. They also
took on the social responsibility of reviving the Sunnah and inculcating a
culture of simplicity and selflessness and have portrayed the same in their
latest television commercial. You can watch it here.

ad portrays how everyday acts of kindness are as simple as following the
Sunnah. It has captured heartwarming moments and emotions that evoke the viewer
to take out time from their busy schedule for others and by incorporating these
wholesome products in your daily lives, one can very easily stay healthy.

quality products are endorsed by many local quality assurances and regulatory
bodies, such as the Pakistan Halal Certification, Punjab Health Commission and
Tibbi Council of Pakistan that ensure the standard and quality which will one
day put Pakistan on the global map.

team comprises highly qualified and experienced herbalists, Hakeems, Tabibs,
PHDs, Tib-e-Nabvi specialists and certified Eastern medicine practitioners.
They also practice nationwide at their company-operated clinics in Karachi,
Lahore, Islamabad, and Hyderabad.

signed an MoU with Ziauddin University’s Faculty of Eastern Medicine, and
Khushal Khan Khattak University in Karak, KP to help research and product

Their products are available at all leading
stores across Pakistan and can also be delivered to customers at their doorstep
if they order online. They also offer on-call assistance to customers and
patients through a UAN helpline: 021-111-786-624.

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