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Will MQM be able to make a comeback?

Assistant Professor of Public Policy and Administration at the Cleveland State University Obed Pasha speaks about the prospects of Muttahida Qaumi Movement making a comeback.

For me the MQM is finished, said Pasha. It will be no less than a miracle if the MQM makes a comeback, he said.

One of the primary reasons for it is Altaf Hussain, said Pasha. I don’t think that the MQM supremo will be allowed to re-enter politics and take part in Karachi politics the way he used to 30 years ago, he added.

Pasha says that the MQM’s dwindling popularity in Karachi also has to do with the socio-economic conditions of Karachi, which have improved a lot. Now, the younger lot of the Karachi population does not feel the need to be associated with the MQM, he argues.

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