Work pivotal to prolonged life, says Mexican who might be world’s oldest man

CIUDAD JUÁREZ: You wouldn’t know it examination him take caring of his chickens on a family farm, yet according to his birth certificate and central Mexican ID, Manuel Garcia Hernandez is 121 years old.

Garcia, who might usually be a world’s oldest man, was innate on 24 Dec 1896, according to his birth certificate from a Mexican state of Veracruz and his central temperament label from a National Electoral Institute.

He has never worried job a people during Guinness World Records to make it official.

But if his papers are correct, he is some-more than 8 years comparison than Masazo Nonaka of Japan, a male who now binds a pretension — innate on 25 Jul 1905.

—file photo

—file photo

Anyway, age is usually a number. Garcia says he doesn’t feel a day over 80.

He says he usually has dual regrets in his really prolonged life: losing his father during a immature age, and a fact he can no longer work.

Yet he is impressively brisk as he tosses feed to his chickens during a home he shares with his daughter Tomasa in Ciudad Juarez, northern Mexico.

“I’m happy, yet we do feel tired. I’m creation an effort, since if we usually lay in bed or sat in a chair all day, afterwards we would get sick,” pronounced Garcia, dressed in his heading cowboy shawl and Western shirt.

“I feel like I’m 80 years aged — yet I’m starting to event a bit when we walk,” he told AFP.

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Mexican Revolution, Donald Trump

Garcia has seen a dizzying volume in his lifetime, from a attainment of electricity to a invention of television, a Mexican Revolution and a choosing of US President Donald Trump — his 22nd American president.

He started operative in a fields during 9 years old.

His father, who done and sole his possess sweets, died during 35. It still saddens Garcia to have mislaid him so young, he said.

He himself did not get married until he was 45 — to Rosa Medino Medino, who was usually 13 during a time.

They had 5 children, 15 grandchildren and 6 great-grandchildren, and were married for roughly 7 decades, until Rosa died 8 years ago.

After that, Garcia changed north to Ciudad Juarez to live with his daughter Tomasa, who is 54.

Tomasa’s daughter and her family live subsequent door, and another neighbor, an American, lets Garcia lift chickens in his vast patio.

Garcia says caring for a chickens has helped keep him alive, and wishes he could work more.

“I’d like to be means to work a approach we used to, make my vital in a fields. But we can’t anymore. That creates me sad.

I was really industrious as a immature man,” he said.—AFP

Article source: http://aaj.tv/2018/05/work-key-to-long-life-says-mexican-who-may-be-worlds-oldest-man/

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