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World Post Day being celebrated today  

World Post Day being celebrated today  


The World Post Day is being celebrated in Pakistan and across the world today. 

From pigeons to email, the world has progressed in the technological realm of message delivery system drastically over the years.

However, somewhere in between today’s modern usage of apps like WhatsApp, Facebook and Messenger, the importance of postal service still stands.

As the world celebrates the day, the contributions of postal service towards promoting general ease in people’s lives can certainly not be denied.

Considered as a major breakthrough in long-distance communication, this day is celebrated each year to bring awareness about the Post’s role in everyday lives of people and businesses, as well as its contribution to global, social and economic development.

The Post is still of great significance in far-flung areas, which are deprived of access to the internet and other systems that rely on satellite.

The World Post Day marks the anniversary of the Universal’s Postal Union (UPU) established in 1874. 

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