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ATC extends Imran Khan’s interim bail in terrorism case

  • September 01, 2022
PTI chairman Imran Khan speaks during an anti-government protest rally in Islamabad on August 20, 2022. Photo: AFP/File

ISLAMABAD: An anti-terrorism court (ATC) in Islamabad extended on Thursday the interim bail of PTI Chairman Imran in the terror case filed against him till September 12.

The terrorism case was registered against Imran Khan for his controversial remarks about senior police officers and a female judge during a public rally in the federal capital on August 20.

Earlier today, the ATC summoned PTI Chairman Imran Khan at 12 noon in the terror case filed against him for threatening senior police officers and Additional Sessions Judge Zeba Chaudhry during a public rally in the federal capital.

Imran Khan had secured pre-arrest bail in the terror case till September 1.

ATC judge Raja Hassan Jawad resumed hearing of the terrorism case against the PTI chairman who was not present in the courtroom despite his pre-arrest bail in the case expiring today.

Babar Awan, Imran Khan’s counsel, apprised the court that his client’s life was under threat, hence he did not appear before the court. He maintained that Islamabad police issued a threat alert about a possible attack on Imran Khan.

During the proceedings, the lawyer pleaded with the court to grant interim bail to his client. “IG and DIG operations would be responsible if something happens to my client,” warned Babar.

At this, the court remarked that only those who come to court get bail. There is no such example that a suspected is granted bail without appearing in court, the judge stated.

Meanwhile, Babar Awan filed a written application in the court seeking interim bail for Imran Khan. He told the court that four more charges have been added to the FIR. The lawyer pleaded with the court to grant bail to Khan in the new clauses as well.

Moving on to the prosecutor, the ATC judge noted that Section 7 of the Anti-Terrorism Act 1997 (7-ATA) is added to the FIR only when a crime is committed.

“You have to prove which Kalashnikov was used in the attack and the attack was carried out by wearing which suicide jacket,” asked the judge.

The judge remarked that he would hear the arguments on the bail plea today.

At this, the prosecutor said that bring the suspect to the court first then they will start arguments.

Meanwhile, the court summoned Imran Khan and took a break till 12 noon.

When the hearing resumed after the first break, PTI Chairman Imran Khan appeared before the ATC. Babar Awan apprised the court that his client has arrived in the courtroom by complying with the court’s orders.

Starting his arguments, Babar asked, “Did Imran Khan give life threats to anybody? Did he order anybody to set anything on fire?”

At this, the court extended Imran Khan’s interim bail in all the charges filed against him.

“Now the police are adding new charges after every 10 days,” remarked the judge.

The ATC extended interim bail against an Rs100,000 surety bond in the case.

Addressing the prosecutor, the judge asked “Why did you add clause 506 in the case?”

“Did any clause left?” Babar Awan asked the prosecutor.

Meanwhile, the court directed lawyers to wrap up their arguments at the next hearing and adjourned the proceedings till September 12.

‘Imran Khan to appear before court today’

Talking to journalists outside the court, Babar Awan said that he submitted two written responses in the court. He maintained that the police issued a threat alert about a possible attack on Khan. The threat letter was delivered at Banigala.

The lawyer said that he has submitted the threat alert to the court.

Replying to a question, Babar said that he apprised the court that Imran Khan was not in Mayfair, he is in Banigala and will appear before the court at 12.

The case

A first information report (FIR) was registered against former prime minister Khan under the Anti-Terrorism Act (ATA) for threatening an additional sessions judge and senior police officers of the Islamabad Police at a rally in the federal capital’s F-9 Park on August 20.

“We will not spare you. We will sue you,” Khan said in the speech that named the police chief and the judge involved in the case against his aide Shahbaz Gill.

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