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Brutal act: Man beats sister to genocide with bricks

  • July 02, 2017



LAHORE: A 30-year-old lady was beaten to genocide allegedly by her hermit over some domestic brawl during her residence in a Hanjarwal military office on Friday.
‘Gentle beating’ of mother is no violence, says CII chief 

According to Police Officer Abdul Razzaq, a suspect, identified as Sharafat Maseeh, had exchanged some oppressive difference with his sister named Farzana Bibi. In a fit of rage, a think assaulted a plant and strike her regularly with bricks, he said, adding a plant suffered serious injuries. Later, she was rushed to a circuitously sanatorium where doctors conspicuous her dead. The lady was unmarried.

Investigation Officer Naeem of carnage dungeon Sabzazar round conspicuous that they conducted a victim’s post mortem on Saturday. He combined that ground behind a murdering would be guarded after serve interrogation.
Woman beaten to genocide by feign ‘spiritual healers’

A military group reached a mark on information, collected debate evidences from a crime stage and available statements of a witnesses.

Published in The Express Tribune, Jul 2nd, 2017.

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