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CDA to build sports enclave in Shah Allah Ditta area

  • April 27, 2023

ISLAMABAD    –    The Capital Development Author­ity (CDA) has decided to build a state of the art sports enclave in the area of Shah Allah Ditta.

Chairman Capital Development Authority Captain Noor Ul Amin Mengal on Wednesday visited Shah Allah Ditta, Margalla Avenue, Sector C-13, C-14, C-15 and C-16.

Member Estate, Member Envi­ronment, Member Engineering, Member Planning and other sen­ior officers of the authority ac­companied the Chairman during his visit.

On this occasion, CDA chief is­sued instructions to construct Sports Enclave in Shah Allah Ditta. He further said that sports enclave will serve as multipurpose sports center where facilities including volleyball, rock climbing, zip line, cricket etc will be provided.

It is pertinent to mention here that this stadium will be con­structed over 300 kanal CDA’s own land. CDA has designated said land for promoting environmental and healthy activities.

Chairman CDA issued instruc­tions to prepare PC-I at earliest and submit it for approval.

CDA chief further said that the ancient route of Alexander the Great, connecting Shah Allah Dit­ta to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa , will be restored and rehabilitated within the ICT limits.

Moreover, chairman Capital De­velopment Authority also issued instructions to revive and rehabili­tate Trail 8 from the Buddha Caves to the Buddha Stupa.

He also visited Margalla Avenue, Sector C-13, C-14, C-15 and C-16 and inspected the progress made in the development works.

He reprimanded the officers for not completing the construction of 50 feet road at the junction of Mar­galla Avenue and Sector D-12.

He directed to complete the road in 3 days. He further said that in­stead of cutting the trees in the project, they should be moved to alternative places. He said that the installation of road lights on Margalla Avenue should be com­pleted at earliest.

He further directed that the fencing work along Margalla Av­enue, especially near Sector D-12 should be completed as soon as possible. Chairman CDA further said that the quality of curb stones should be improved and those curb stones whose quality is not good be replaced immediately.

CDA chief along with the con­cerned officers also inspected the Shah Allah Ditta underpass and service road along Margal­la Avenue, and he expressed his dissatisfaction over slow pace of work. Chairman CDA fur­ther said that the project direc­tor must improve his perfor­mance otherwise action will be taken on the basis of inefficiency.

Chairman Capital Development Authority issued instructions that the asphalt and drainage work of the underpass should be complet­ed immediately. He further direct­ed that slip road connecting Mar­galla Avenue and Sector D-12 be dualized as single road may lead to accidents. He further said that traffic safety should be taken into account while planning the road to avert road accidents.

The Chairman Capital Develop­ment Authority further directed the Member Estate to immediate­ly demolish the newly construct­ed built up properties in Sector C-13 and other sectors. He direct­ed Member Estate to personally monitor the operation.

He further said that illegal oc­cupation of government land will not be tolerated in any case. He also directed DG Enforcement to ensure that no new constructions are made in Sector C-13, C-14 C-15 and C-16. Chairman CDA was also briefed about the ongoing devel­opment works in C-15 and sector C-14. Chairman CDA directed the Member Engineering to speed up the development works in the sec­tors and no delay will be tolerated in this regard.

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