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Ex-CJP Saqib’s audio with PTI lawyer surfaces

  • April 26, 2023

ISLAMABAD    –    Another alleged audio leak featuring former chief justice Saqib Nis­ar and lawyer Khawaja Tariq Raheem came to the fore yesterday, just days after the leaked audio of a phone call between the incum­bent top Supreme Court judge’s mother-in-law and Raheem’s wife stirred up a political storm in the country.

In the fresh purport­ed audio leak, the for­mer top judge is speak­ing to Kh Tariq about the judgement of a sev­en-member bench on a suo motu notice tak­en by the apex court in 2010 and asking him to look into the matter.

Saqib Nisar is pur­portedly heard telling the details of the judg­ment to “It is suo motu number 4 of 2010,” Nisar apparently re­sponded, “Sir, it is a sev­en-member judgment reported on Supreme Court 2012 page 553.”

The PTI lawyer can be heard responding that he will look into it. “Whichev­er of your lawyers is dealing with the matter,” the voice alleged to be Nisar’s contin­ues, “but when you will read it you will understand your­self.” “I have also seen that seven-member bench judg­ment where it states that it is not the judge’s discretion to take action there,” Tariq Raheem can be heard saying after assuring the former CJ once again that he will look into the aforementioned case. “If you read it careful­ly,” the lawyer adds, “then under clause three there is a loophole, you should have a look at that too.” Nisar ap­parently responds in the af­firmative, saying “Yes sir, I have seen it. That is defi­nitely our way out.” “That is the way out,” confirms the other. “Because otherwise, there was no case in the first place,” the former adds which the lawyer apparent­ly also admits. “Khwaja sa­hib,” the former judge can be heard saying, “if any one of your people is willing, then use the Munir Ahmed Khan case as well. It is an absolutely clear case of con­tempt of court”. The other voice can be heard confirm­ing “that is also being done.” “It is a contempt of court case,” the former voice con­tinues, “look, after all that happened at Azad Kashmir yesterday,” he said. “Alright, thank you, sir,” responds the voice ascribed to Nisar. Nota­bly, the suo motu case of 2010 discussed in the alleged au­dio leak pertains to the con­tempt proceedings against former premier Syed Yousaf Raza Gillani whereby the apex court had declared him ineli­gible to hold office in 2012. Nisar also refers to the ouster of PTI leader Sardar Tanveer Ilyas as the AJK prime minis­ter over contempt of court. At this, the senior lawyer said that they were planning to file another contempt case.Nisar asked the lawyer to file a con­tempt of court case against Prime Minister Shehbaz Shar­if via Muneer Ahmed. Mean­while, Tariq Raheem said in the video that a verdict by the three-member bench would be out soon, in ref­erence to the verdict issued by an eight-member bench which issued a stay on the case of clipping top justice’s powers. The three-member bench had directed the gov­ernment to release Rs21 bil­lion by April 27 for elections in Punjab, and had warned of serious consequences in case of non-compliance.

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