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Judge Sarfraz on his game, not his ability to pronounce English: Hamza Ali Abbasi

  • June 14, 2017

After a really startling win opposite Sri Lanka that landed Team Pakistan in a semifinals of ICC Champions Trophy, a republic rejoiced and lauded a performances of captain Sarfraz Ahmed and bowler Mohammad Amir.

‘Confident’ Sarfraz prepared to play ‘positive’ cricket opposite England

While creation his approach to a post-match press discussion Sarfraz’s vehement matter per a reporters benefaction in a press accommodate has been a pronounce of a town. The batsman had no thought that a camera was recording and he finished adult observant “Saray English Ke Hain…”, display his concern about a questions being asked in English. He asked it twice before a press discussion started officially.

Like many other cases in Pakistan’s cricketing history, even Sarfraz was judged, mocked and done of fun of his diseased oral English.

Taking a trolls and Pakistan Cricket Board’s disaster to yield an interpreter into account, actor Hamza Ali Abbasi took to Facebook to give Pakistanis a existence check.

“It is heart-breaking to see a reactions from some people, on how he was ridiculed for not vocalization a denunciation that is not his mom tongue. It is needed for us to get absolved of this worker genius and it is not required that each Pakistani should pronounce English,” he started.

“The group is there to surpass during their game, not to learn how to pronounce smooth English. So, if we wish to criticize on something, criticize on their cricketing skills,” he went on.

4 articulate points from a Pakistan-Sri Lanka game

“Chinese, Russians, Japanese do not pronounce English and they are some of a many defining players in a world. Therefore, a colonial mindset that we have and a wickedness formidable that we humour from is over me and indeed really tragic,” he continued.

“If there’s someone who can broach this summary to Sarfraz, greatfully communicate that we should never be broke about not being means to pronounce a denunciation that is not your mom tongue. The decent approach to go about it is that we can always get a translator,” he added.

He afterwards pronounced that a cricketer should be means to surpass during his game, not during a language.

Watch a video here:

It is indeed baffling to see people judging a favourite since of his vocalization power! The 14-second prolonged shave went viral on a internet.

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