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Pakistan Post issues stamp on World Population Day

  • July 11, 2020

Islamabad : The Pakistan Post has issued a commemorative postage stamp to mark the World Population Day. Each year since 1989, World Population Day is observed globally on July 11, to raise awareness, educate people and mobilize governments about the urgency and importance of population issues. The message on the postage stamp calls for sustainable population growth by achieving a balance (Tawazun) between people and resources.

The stamp has been issued by Pakistan Post at the request of the Population Council and the United Nations Population Fund. Imagery of the current stamp reflects the new narrative on the population issue, calling for achieving a balance (Tawazun) between people and resources, and for ensuring the fundamental rights of all individuals.

All citizens and every child born have the right to shelter, nutrition, healthcare, education, parental attention, and a good quality of life. The narrative is in consonance with Pakistan’s socio-cultural ethos, religious teachings, values, and fundamental human rights. It aims to attain a balanced and sustainable population growth rate to ensure people’s wellbeing, prosperity, and security.

The narrative conveyed in this year’s commemorative stamp recognizes the impact of rapid population growth on the country’s resources. Pakistan is already among the top water-stressed countries of the world. Large population means lack of employment opportunities, water and energy shortages, more pollution and food insecurity.

The symbolism of the stamp promotes the right message around population planning that resonates with all segments of society in Pakistan. The issuance of the commemorative stamp by the government has revived the focus on the critical issue of population issue at the national level. The commemorative Postage Stamp has denomination of Rs20 and will be available for sale at all important post offices across Pakistan. The new stamp signals government’s political will, seriousness, and commitment for dealing with the population issues.

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