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PIMS medical officers lodge complaint against department head for allegedly damaging KPI report

  • May 05, 2021

ISLAMABAD – A group of COVID-19 frontline healthcare workers at Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) has come up with a complaint against the radiology department head for allegedly damaging their Key Performance Indicators (KPI) report in vengeful act.

Around four medical officers (MOs) of the radiology department have lodged a complaint with the hospital director against Head of Department (HoD) Dr. Ayesha Isani for creating hindrance regarding issuance of No Objection Certificate (NOC) for higher education, damaging of key performance indicators and transferring them from the department allegedly on the base on vindictiveness.

All MOs who lodged complaints against their HoD had performed duties as frontline healthcare workers during COVID-19 waves, however, had sought permission for higher education from the department head. The complaint lodged with hospital director and available with The Nation naming four MOs said that we, the medical officers working in the Radiology department, PIMS Islamabad, applied for admission in MSPH programme offered by the Health Services Academy Islamabad on the verbal permission and officially taking the leave for the test day from the head of department Dr. Ayesha Isani.

According to MOs, they got selected and informed the HOD and asked her to officially apply for the NOC from the hospital administration.

“Despite asking constantly, she was of the viewpoint that we shouldn’t apply for the NOC from the hospital administration and forced us to write an application to her for the NOC and agreed to issue us a departmental ‘No Objection Certificate’ which we took with us to the Health Services Academy,” said complainants in application.

However, later they were informed that they had to obtain NOCs from the hospital administration, which they did along with providing departmental permission.

“After few days, our head of department got to know about our official process of the application of no objection certificate in the administration and for some reason got offended by it,” said the complaint. Since then, she has been trying to create hurdles in our NOC issuance. She sent bad scores in our KPIs giving each one of us a score of 53% for January to March 2021, which is going to affect our salary allowance next month and will cause a loss of a hard-earned hefty amount. Whereas, scores of KPIs of each of us for October to December 2020 were more than 85%, the drastically reduced scores of KPIs of all of us clearly shows her motives to victimise us.

The MOs pleased that they did one-month duty religiously in the 1st wave of COVID-19 including COVID Isolation and COVID emergency as per admin orders. The MOs complained that the HOD also threatened them of transferring and did the same.

They said that their ACRs of the year 2020 which were supposed to be submitted by March 2021 have not been submitted by the HOD despite repeated reminders to her by all the medical officers of the department.

“Now after these chains of events, we also fear that she will grade our ACRs poorly just how she did with our KPIs. It is therefore also requested that our ACRs and KPIs may be written by other higher authorities,” they said.

When contacted Dr. Ayesha Isani for her comments she responded, “This is just a routine matter in COVID-19 pandemic as MO’s don’t want to work and use these excuses.”

A senior official of the hospital administration said that the matter has been forwarded to dean as it was a training issue of MOs.

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