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PM felicitates nation, Muslim Ummah on Eidul Fitr

  • April 23, 2023

ISLAMABAD    –    Prime Minister Sheh­baz Sharif felicitated people of Pakistan and the Muslim Ummah on the auspicious occasion of Eidul Fitr.

In a message on the occasion of Eidul Fitr, he prayed that the blessed moment may bring for every Muslim immense happiness and joy of life.

He said the fasting month of Ra­mazan ul Mubarak and worship of Allah evoked feelings of patience, contentment and empathy and Eidul Fitr was also an occasion to practically demonstrate these qualities.

He advised people to take care of the needy, poor, destitute and or­phans around them.

These were difficult times and the sacrifice and love of the well to do and rich was needed more than in ordinary circumstances, he said adding, “Those who are facing dif­ficulties due to adverse circum­stances should be made part of the celebrations of Eid.”

Shehbaz Sharif said it was per­sistent effort of the coalition gov­ernment to put on the people minimum burden of the difficult economic conditions. “We are striv­ing to the maximum to provide re­lief to the people. I believe that Al­lah Almighty will bring us out of these trying circumstances and comforts of life will return.”

The prime minister emphasized that everybody would have to con­tribute to take Pakistan to its desti­nation and to restore its lost status, to achieve that purpose construc­tive thinking, focus and constant hard work was needed

“As the sweetness of Eid follows the fasting month, God willing, our effort and hard work will bring eco­nomic prosperity in the life of the nation and the country.”

He appealed to his countrymen to not forget the flood affectees on the occasion of Eid and include them in their happiness.

“On this occasion, we salute the martyrs of the nation who em­braced martyrdom while coura­geously fighting against terrorism and offer our heartfelt condolenc­es to their families. May Allah el­evate the ranks of these martyrs and give patience to their loved ones. Ameen,” he added.

While expressing solidarity with our Palestinian and Kashmi­ri brothers and sisters he said, “We pray that Allah Almighty may bless them with freedom. Ameen.”

He also expressed solidarity with the earthquake affectees of Turki­ye and Syria and sympathized with the bereaved families, prayed for the peace of departed souls and patience for the heirs.

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