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Presentation on Mughal costumes

  • January 26, 2021

Islamabad:For those of you who are interested in fashion/history, the Asian Study Group has organised a presentation on Mughal costumes, prints, motifs and their representation in contemporary art on Friday (January 29).

The presentation will explore symbolism rooted in the costumes of the Mughal court – their prints, motifs and representation in the contemporary urban context particularly in musical videos and films. The contemporary media industry has tried to preserve the distinctiveness of the traditional attire through a lively exchange of experimentation that embraces a fascination for the nostalgic past, characterised with an indefinable balance of compositional elements, ideas, tonalities, moods, dazzling colors and floral ornamental aesthetic.

Nabeel Akhtar is a designer-turned-film maker and a Creative Director from Lahore. Trained initially as a textile designer, he has a growing interest in the costumes and cultures of the Global South within an Indo-Persian context. He has also worked on restoration of various heritage sites (shrines) in Punjab. He has assisted architect Kamil Khan Mumtaz, Taimoor Khan Mumtaz and Ustad Saif on the conservation project of the shrine of Hazrat Khwaja Bihari (a disciple of Hazrat Mian Mir) in Lahore.

For further information contact: ASG office 2802343 (Mon- Fri 11 am-2 pm) [email protected]

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