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Protection of citizens top priority, says SSP

  • May 09, 2021

Islamabad : Senior Superintendent of Police (Operations) Islamabad Dr. Syed Mustafa Tanveer has said that Islamabad police is trying its best to secure the capital and to ensure the safety of its citizens, a police spokesman said on Saturday.

The SSP (Operations) said that ICT Police is accelerating its efforts to curb crime in the city. During the last 24 hours, he said, 10 criminals were arrested during crackdown against outlaws.

According to the details, Aabpara police arrested two accused Samad Khan and Dansih Zaheer and recovered four wine bottles and 115 gram hashish recovered from their possession.

Shams Colony police arrested a Nigerian National lady accused Ekegbo Lijunwa and recovered 228 gram hashish from him.

Karachi company police arrested accused Soraj Amjad and recovered 10 liters of alcohol from him. Bhara Khau police arrested accused Ali Shah and recovered one 30 bore pistol from him.

Shalimar police arrested accused Sajjad Khan and recovered one 30 bore pistol from him.

Golra police arrested accused Kashif Ali and recovered one 30 bore pistol from him.

Margalla police arrested two accused Saddam Hussain and Mumtaz All and recovered one 12 bore gun and one 30 bore pistol along with ammunition from their possession.

Koral police arrested accused Hamad Satti and recovered one 30 bore pistol from him. Cases have been registered against these nabbed persons and further investigation is underway from them.

SSP (Operations) Islamabad Dr. Syed Mustafa Tanveer has appreciated the police performance and directed all the police officials for high vigilance and monitoring against those involved in anti-social activities.

He said that it is the collective responsibility of every person of the society to remain alert against those involved in criminal activities in their surroundings and inform police for action against them.

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