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Sale of knives, cleavers picks up

  • July 21, 2021

Islamabad:With the Eidul Azha just around the corner, the people are buying tools to slaughter animals and chop meat. Some are getting the old knives, cleavers, choppers, small axes and other accessories sharpened.

Blacksmiths have put up stalls in the markets and alongside the roads to sell new tools of butchery or sharpen old ones. They also sell large pieces of wood. Some are seen do the job for relatively less charges on bicycles fitted with loud speakers.

The tools of butchery are sold in Islamabad’s Aabpara, G-9 Markaz and weekly bazaars of H-9, Aabpara and I-9, and Rawalpindi’s Purana Qila and other areas. Blacksmiths are working day and night to deliver the ordered goods on time. They confirmed large sales of knives, choppers, small axes, skewers and grills ahead of Eid and said both professional butchers and amateurs for their customers.

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