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Sudden repatriation of FGEHA Director Joint Ventures creates controversy

  • July 19, 2021

ISLAMABAD – The Ministry of Housing and Works has repatriated the Director Joint Ventures Khalid Yameen of the Federal Government Employees Housing Authority to his parent department within one month of his appointment on the post. 

The services of the said grade-19 officer of Provincial Management Services were sought from the government of Punjab in the mid of April this year and later he was placed at the disposal of the Ministry of Housing and Works for his further posting as Director Joint Ventures FGEHA on 22 June 2021 by the Establishment Division for three years. 

However, just after 23 days of joining the office, Mr. Yameen was first removed from the post of Director Joint Ventures on 15th July 2021 by the FGEHA and very next day on the directions of the ministry he was repatriated to his parent department. 

The sudden repatriation of Mr. Yameen raised eyebrows of concerned circles. According to well-placed sources, he was removed from his position due to his reluctance to accept a tainted land deal for Thallian Housing Scheme besides immense pressure from a top office holder.       

A high level source informed that Khalid Yameen flatly refused to accept 2500 kanals of land in revenue estate of Rajar in district Rawalpindi due to absence of a direct access for proposed land from the motorway.  

The background of the case is that the FGEHA had signed a JV agreement with a private developer M/s KSDB to provide developed plots to the housing authority for its members in 2016.

The developer committed to provide 7000-10,000 kanals of land in the revenue estates of Khari Mourat, Chahan, Mandowal, Thalian and Rajar for Thallian Housing Scheme. However, the developer had failed to provide the mutation of even a single kanal on the name of FGEHA in the last six years and the project remained stalled.

Meanwhile, the FGEHA had already collected the down payment from its 5317 members while the developer also sold about 256 plots in open market but in fact there was neither a project on site nor in papers.  

Ideally, the project should be stopped immediately and the developer should be grilled for his miscommitment but the authority under the pressure of a high up once again extended a facilitating hand to the developer. 

The FGEHA again started talks with the developer, who suggested that he could not give land in the area where it was agreed earlier, however, he would give the land on another side if the authority allows. The Executive Board of FGEHA has discussed the matter in its 14th board meeting and granted in principle approval to change the location of the project from aforesaid revenue estates and directed to present a modified JV agreement with the developer in next meeting.

Sources informed that while following the board decision, Director JV Khalid Yameen visited the new proposed land along with other officers of the FGEHA and the developers but the land was not directly connected with the motorway interchange.

The developer committed that he will provide 200 feet wide right of way till motorway interchange from the proposed piece of land but when he submitted revenue documents, he did not have the ownership of the khasra numbers to link the land with motorway interchange.

“The Director JV Khalid Yameen was pressured by a top political office holder to accept the land even in absence of direct access but he flatly refused to accept the land. In response he was thrown away by the said powerful man,” the source informed.  

When contacted, the spokesperson of the FGEHA Irfan Chaudhry expressed his ignorance about the repatriation of Mr. Jameel but when he was referred about the official letter, he simply said that it is a routine matter.             

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