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Sudden wave of lethargy hitting Pakistani social circuit

  • July 10, 2017

A strange phenomena seems to have taken the social media by the storm. Celebrities are posting on social media about boycotting daily activities because of a lack of energy.

People are perplexed by the sudden lethargy that has come over the celebrities as they continue to boycott the things that they hold dear. Mehreen Syed’s decision to boycott her phone was matched by Minal Khan going on to say that she will switch off the world for some time.

Posts like these are creating havoc in the entertainment industry for it is not a small concern when all the top celebrities of the nation tweet the same thing- #switchedoff.

Feroze Khan seems tired as he too is #SwitchedOffFeroze Khan seems tired as he too is #SwitchedOff

Feroze Khan seems tired as he too is #SwitchedOff

It seems like the celebrities need a jolt of energy to wake them up from their hibernation. Some celebrities like Mehwish Hayat and Feroze declared that they are giving up their daily fitness routine. A workout plan is an integral part of most actors’ life which is why such announcements are alarming. Even a perfunctory glance at all of these statuses makes one thing quite obvious. The actors seem to lack mental rather than physical energy as proved by Shazia Naz’s words that she feels that a spark is missing from her life.

The whole week feels like a Monday, in need for dire energy. I am now #SwitchedOffThe whole week feels like a Monday, in need for dire energy. I am now #SwitchedOff

“The whole week feels like a Monday, in need for dire energy. I am now #SwitchedOff”

We can come up with a few plausible reasons for this trend based solely on conjecture. It can be an effort to organize their lives since they believe that a spartan lifestyle will help them focus. Anousheh Ashraf lamented that she is finding it hard to think clearly these days while Ali Xeeshan talked about his inability to focus. Or it can also be an effort to make their lives interesting by boycotting things like cell phones and fan followers that restrict them to a pre-planned and monotonous routine.

So what do these popular figures plan to achieve by denying themselves the comfort that stems from communicating with friends on phone, the glory that they experience when they are interviewed, the sense of belonging that comes with being up to date with the world and most importantly the mental peace that accompanies the physical pain after a gruelling work out.

Because of the use of a constant hashtag, we believe that this may in fact be a new campaign by an energy drink brand, more specifically, Sting as it is the leading energy drink brand of Pakistan. But we cannot say this with complete confidence since it is only a conjecture. We hope the cause behind these cryptic tweets is unveiled before these spurts of lethargy become prevalent.

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