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TikTok comes up with mechanism to discourage indecency

  • September 19, 2021

The decision comes in the wake of complaints that some of the videos created by users are too explicit and go beyond the bounds of decency.

The telecom regulator banned TikTok in the country a few months ago after receiving complaints that the platform gives excessive freedom to share indecent videos.

The “safety centre” is a one-stop online source which equips the user with tools and resources to chop and edit products in line with the government’s directives.

TikTok has always maintained that it provides a platform that stimulates the user’s creative faculties, bringing forth exciting products to share with the wider community.

“It is important for the platform to provide a safe space where users can turn their ideas into reality and express themselves freely,” a statement by TikTok said.

The information portal has been divided into sections that reflect important safety aspects like child protection, guidelines for parents, precautions to keep off bullies, and suicide alerts.

The safety centre offers parents and guardians a look into the safety mechanism through new videos about how the app approaches safety.

The portal consists of a “Guide” section, which enables audiences to learn more about TikTok’s approach to safety, privacy, and protection. The section highlights efforts the platform is making in areas like bullying prevention, suicide prevention and self-harm.

The section carries instructions about how to get started on the platform and how to use safety and privacy tools like the family pairing feature.

It has details about the range of choices and settings TikTok tries to empower parents and caregivers looking for easy options to monitor teenagers’ lives online.

Users can limit the number of those who can leave comments on their videos, shoot duets with them or send messages.

“TikTok collaborates with industry experts and organisations around the world to seek their guidance in developing new products and policies and leveraging expertise to educate audiences.” a spokesman said.

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