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Flood survivor gives birth to newborn, names ‘Sailab Khan’

  • September 01, 2022

The rains that began in June have unleashed powerful floods across the country that have washed away swathes of vital crops and
damaged or destroyed more than a million homes.

Hundreds of thousands of displaced people are in urgent need of shelter, food and clean water, with the threat of more flooding hitting parts of country in coming days, especially Sindh.

Sindh is badly affected by the catastrophic floods as over 400 have died in the province since June this year. Deluges from swollen rivers are heading for lower-lying areas, threatening more misery for millions in Pakistan’s second largest province.

Among the displaced families, a woman, a resident of district Larkana, has given birth to a newborn in a flood relief camp.

The father of the baby boy told the media that the newborn has been named “Sailab Khan” [flood] as he was born in the flood-hit area of Larkana. He complained that the provincial government did not provide any help to flood affectees.

Larkana district is one of the worst hit areas in Sindh. Flash floods have destroyed all the infrastructure in the area. Locals say their crops and animals had also been washed away along with their houses and belongings.

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