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According To Sherri Shepherd, Oprah Winfrey Sent Her A Massive Bouquet Of Flowers

  • September 26, 2022

Shepherd, 55 years old, mentioned on the debut episode of her new daytime talk program titled “Sherri” that Winfrey, who is 68, had brought her a large floral arrangement. During the statement, Shepherd acted out the now-iconic TV moment that Winfrey had initially performed by bringing out the flowers in a red wagon for her viewers to behold.

In a video clip released on YouTube, she is heard saying, “Oh my God, let me tell you all something, even though I may not have any meat in that wagon, I do have flowers from Oprah.”

She proceeded to say this as she knelt next to the flowers: “I’m going to do everything from right here next to my flowers from Oprah.”

Shepherd eventually got up from the cart and walked to her chair when the team members playfully reminded her that she couldn’t do her program while sitting there.

Shepherd stated, “I’ve had to do WWOD, which stands for ‘What Would Oprah Do,'” while wearing an attire that was reminiscent of the one worn by Winfrey during the iconic moment in which Winfrey debuted her new appearance on her show in 1988 by rolling out a wagon piled with fat to represent the 67 pounds she had lost. During that particular series, Winfrey wore a pair of jeans by Calvin Klein that was a size 10.

I’m going to try to channel Oprah today with my outfit. She proceeded with her speech by stating, “I may not have the steak, but I do have the flowers.” I was looking for a wig similar to the one Oprah wears, but I believe they have retired it, and it is now in the Smithsonian.

Shepherd disclosed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that Winfrey, 68, had called her to offer advice on how to operate a talk show before Shepherd beginning her new job earlier this month. Shepherd’s revelation came shortly before Shepherd began her new position.

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