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Ariana Grande pays tribute to Diane Keaton as she asks her the feeling of being iconic

  • June 13, 2021

The feeling of being liked and followed by millions of fans worldwide is very special. Who else knows the feeling better than American pop singer Ariana Grande, who jump-started her high-flying singing career while she was well known as an actress. 

However, the 27-year-old vocalist wants to know the feeling of being iconic from Diane Keaton, the Oscar- and Golden Globe-winning American actress. 

During a celebrity QA for Interview magazine on Friday (June 11), the 75-year-old legendary actress answered 25 questions from as many celebrity friends and fans.

The popular pop singer asked Diane Keaton: “How does it feel to be so f*****g iconic?”

The veteran actress expressed gratitude to the singer for saying good words for her. 

“I don’t exactly understand what that means but it’s very kind of you to say. Can you explain to me how I’m iconic?” Diane Keaton replied.

“What is that? I understand certain aspects of it, but it’s hard for me to deal with that. I don’t really see it that way.”

Diane Keaton said she was a normal human being. “I live with myself and I’m hardly iconic. I get up in the morning and it’s me again. I’m just another person saying, ‘Gee, I’d better feed the dog,'” she added. 

Earlier, curious Ariana Grande asked another question from the actress. She had asked the actress about her favourite line from the 1996 comedy film The First Wives Club.

“It’s not a line, but performing the song ‘You Don’t Own Me’ was so fun,” Diane Keaton answered.

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