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B.J. Novak And Mindy Kaling Make Jokes About Their Incredibly Complicated Relationship

  • September 14, 2022

Longtime friends and former co-stars on The Office joked about the buzz surrounding their romance when accepting the trophy for writing for a limited or anthology series or movie at the 2022 Emmy Awards on Monday night.

Congrats, you slobby sons and bitches, for being nominated, Kaling 43 joked. Where do you get the wherewithal to get away with this A total of eight installments? Novak, 43, chimed in before Kaling added, We began out doing network sitcoms, 22 episodes a year.

And that program would consume your every waking moment. Novak stated he had no time for other projects, and Kaling looked at him and replied, “No time for a social life, either.” So the nature of your connections with your co-stars was predetermined.

And now you can simply compose some self-contained masterpiece, populate it with A-list actors, and… Says Novak, continuing to make light of the disparities between limited series and network comedies.

Kaling said, referencing the filming location for The White Lotus in Hawaii, “shoot it for a few weeks and then go back to your big luxury estate.”

Since their 2004 meeting on the set of The Office, Kaling and Novak have been close friends and have even spoken publicly about their platonic affection for one another.

They’ve collaborated in creative endeavors, supported one another at red carpet premieres, and Novak was even designated Kaling’s daughter’s godfather in 2017.

Novak told PEOPLE in 2014 that his relationship with Kaling, who played his Office character Ryan Howard’s on-again, off-again love interest, Kelly Kapoor, was tumultuous, much like their funny joint address at the Emmys on Monday.

It’s a complicated friendship with a complicated person, but Novak says he wouldn’t exchange it for the world. In a 2019 interview with CBS Sunday Morning, Kaling clarified that this concept is not what some may assume. In any case, it’s amazing that he’s been so integrated into my family. Our relationship is deeper and closer than that would sound, but it’s also less sexy.

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