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BTS’ RM unveils a how-to for new ARMYs looking to catch up on content

  • July 24, 2021
BTS’ RM unveils a how-to for new ARMYs looking to catch up on content

BTS’ RM recently spilled the beans on very best way for new ARMYs to catch up on eight years’ worth of content the boys have produced up till now.

The leader got candid over it all during his appearance on the Spout Podcast alongside Erik Ahary.

It all started once the host asked, “There’s a lot of people looking you guys up on Spotify and Apple Music and going, ‘Okay, what else do they have?’ So, for fans who are just joining ARMY, newer ARMY members here, do you have a message for the people who are experiencing and binging the older BTS tracks, going through the old records?”

RM was pretty clear in explaining his classified technique and admitted, “So, first things first, welcome to the team. Welcome! There are some actually fun chapters before ‘Dynamite.’ There are some ‘Dynamite’ chapters right now… like our fourth chapter.”

“First chapter, there was Skool [Luv Affair], the second chapter … was kind of like The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, and third chapter, we got Love Yourself, Map of the Soul, so there’s some actually narrative that we have, walk this way and path.”

“There’s a lot of songs, lots of albums, lots of behind-the-scenes, literally BTS’s, videos, social media, and so maybe it’ll take a year to chase all of the paths and things of BTS. There’s no exit. There’s no kind of get-out. So, welcome to the team. Please don’t go out. Have a great day!”

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