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Fans back Jack Nicholson amid ‘dishevelled’ comment

  • April 18, 2023
Fans back Jack Nicholson amid ‘dishevelled’ comment

Jack Nicholson fans swiped at several publications for publishing the reclusive actor’s pictures.

The 86-year-old was pictured after his last appearance at a Los Angeles Lakers basketball game in October 2021.

The Oscar winner’s new pictures, published by Daily Mail, saw him on his balcony in his Beverly Hills home, wearing a loose orange t-shirt with navy trousers.

The Departed star’s hair was a mess, and he rubbed one side of his face, which appeared that he was just woken up.

Several fans came to his defence when the outlet described him as “dishevelled”, while Fox News claims he “looks unrecognisable”.

“1) He is very recognisable. 2) Let people grow older in peace you ghouls,” hits out one fan.

“He looks like an 86 year old Jack Nicholson whose privacy is being invaded. Leave him be,” added another.

“This is news’s? Jack Nicholson waking up? And you take a shot at him?! This is enquirer shit.. not news ffs,” commented a third.

Nicholson was last seen in the 2010 romcom How Do You Know. Moreover, the critically-acclaimed actor reportedly called it quits after he could not remember his lines. 

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