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Gabrielle Union Shares Video Featuring Her Baby Girl, Kaavia James

  • October 19, 2021

Gabrielle Union shared a video featuring her daughter, Kaavia James. Fans are happy to see the baby girl, and they made sure to tell this to Gaby in the comments.

‘Me and @kaaviajames get ice cream. When @kaaviajames told me I already had some after I asked for more ice cream… that hurt. This kid yall’ Gaby said.

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Someone posted this: ‘Tiny pumpkins are a whole currency! Get with the program mom,’ and a commenter posted this: ‘We need a tour of the store sis it’s giving luxurious ice cream spot.’

A commenter said: ‘She’s willing to serve everyone before serving seconds is what I took from that,’ and a follower said: ‘“You had some” don’t mess with Kaavia’s inventory! Lil sis doesn’t play with her businesses.’

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One other follower posetd this message: ’10/10 would recommend this place. quick service, Apple Pay and pumpkin pay accepted.’

Someone else said: ‘It’s the pay with pumpkins for me she said “Yes” in the affirmative my money good here.’

One fan said: ‘Lol. “you ate some”…  but cookies and cream coming right up.. miss my babies being little!!!  thanks for sharing yours!’

Gabrielle Union   shared a message on her social media account about the movie industry. Check it out below.

‘I stand in solidarity with #IATSE! #IASolidarity “In the film industry this is a very important weekend. The #IATSE locals have voted en masse to authorize a strike beginning Monday morning as soon as the clock strikes midnight, if an agreement isn’t reached,’ Gabrielle began her message.

Someone said: ‘Sad these requests aren’t the norm in our workforce,’ and a commente posted this: ‘Oh this what my uncle is talking about, he is also in the film industry.’

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