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Nadia Khan claims daughter physically abused by Hollywood actor

  • May 25, 2017

Nadia, like hundreds of other parents, took her daughter to a casting event during The Ritz-Carlton Hotel in JBR on May 20, however, what happened over there left Nadia’s 14-year-old painful and badly shaken, Gulf News reported.

Terming a try-out as a “Disney thing”, Nadia said, “I went to a try-out anticipating it would be good for my child, though instead got a startle of my life. When my daughter’s spin came, a decider (name funded for authorised reasons) grabbed her roughly from a shoulder and pulled her, withdrawal her with low bruises on both arms.”

Soon after a incident, Nadia took her daughter to Dubai’s Rashid Hospital. The medical news reliable she had suffered mixed bruises.

“It happened fast and in front of me and during slightest 30-40 other parents. Before my daughter, they were auditioning tiny children. She was a initial teen in that batch. My daughter was given a two-line book though before she could review it, she was grabbed and pushed so tough she fell on one of a parents. we couldn’t trust what we was seeing. She is my daughter. No one has a right to hold my child let alone theme her to open chagrin and earthy abuse,” pronounced Nadia, adding that a occurrence has cracked her daughter’s confidence. “She was great all day,” Gulf News quoted her as saying,

As a outcome of Nadia’s military complaint, a ‘abuser’, also a CEO of a children’s talent hunt group was summoned to Al Barsha Police Station.

The Pakistani morning uncover horde combined that not usually was her daughter abused during a audition, though another teenage child was also slapped mixed times by a same man. “It was bizarre. The male kept slapping a child until a time came when a child couldn’t take it anymore and slapped him back. “I feel equally bad for a boy. He had tears in his eyes. Abuse is abuse either it happens to a child or a girl,” she said.

Investigation reports by XPRESS suggested relatives arrived with their children for a try-out after training about a talent hunt from Facebook sponsored posts, mouth-watering children to try-out if they wished to accommodate Disney Channel stars. “Does your child dream of apropos a Disney Channel star? We are entrance to Dubai!” a post read. The choice of difference lured relatives into desiring that a try-out was for Disney.

However, Disney spokespersons have simplified a series of times that such talent hunt auditions are not compared by The Walt Disney Company or Disney Channel in any way.

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