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Olympia, The Only Child Of Alexis Ohanian And Serena Williams, Turned Five This Year

  • September 05, 2022

The co-founder of Reddit was supporting his wife, Serena Williams , at the U.S. Open on Friday while sporting a jersey with their 5-year-old daughter’s image on it. Ohanian, 39, added a black jacket to the tee as an accessory.

Olympia’s picture from previous during the week, when she supported her mother as she started competing in the U.S. Open on Monday, was the one that appeared on the jersey.

Olympia was not present for Williams’ final match on Friday when the 40-year-old Australian Ajla Tomljanovi defeated the tennis legend in three grueling sets. Olympia and Williams matched in attire when watching the event earlier in the week.

The toddler was spotted wearing a black Nike dress with tiny rhinestones at the top, a miniature version of the outfit Williams wears.

Olympia’s hair also served as a tribute to a significant occasion for her mother. The white beads Olympia wore at the base of her braids were similar to the ones Venus Williams wore when she won the 1999 U.S. Open.

Olympia Ohanian’s father posted several pictures of himself and Olympia on Instagram the day after she turned five years old as he reflected on how Olympia had evolved since her birth.

@olympiaohanian, how are you already five years old? I’m so happy your mother gave birth to you because you’ve turned me into a better guy, and I adore you more and more every day. The ecstatic father wrote, “I’m going to Uppy you forever!”

You inspired me to launch @776fund, which also shares your birthdate. These last two years have been surreal @katelin cruse @elisabethgarvin, he added. And thanks to @milkbarstore @christinatosi for a beautiful “caking” session.

Williams stated that she and Olympia have all common interests off the court at a panel discussion for A Conversation with Champions held in advance of the U.S. Open.

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