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Steve Harvey Talks About Getting Older And Claims Aging Has Only Made Him Better In Recent Instagram Video

  • September 29, 2022

The world has grown up with Steve Harvey on their television screens. The comedian has gained a ton of fan following over the last few decades. Although he is known for his brilliant humor, he’s also known for his motivational lines that resonate with his fans.

In a recent Instagram video, he spoke about the importance and significance of growing older. He said, “Age doesn’t sneak up on you man. Age walks up on you, slaps you, and drags you off. I don’t want to just leave it to cherish. I don’t want to just let it takes its course and go away as fast as it can. My drive is to be able to move, have a form of flexibility without everything hurting.”

He mentioned that as a busy man, he has to take out time to care for himself. He also mentioned that he had suffered from pain in his back and bad knees until he began to go to the gym and did stretches with his coaches.

Despite the media’s views on aging, it seems Steve Harvey is all in for it. He said that while working out may be difficult at times, he had noticed significant changes in himself and his body. He mentioned that working out was a great benefit to two things which were time and health and he was glad that he had begun taking care of himself earlier.

He also spoke about the age where he felt his best, claiming it was 64 as that had been the peak of his life for him. In the caption of the video, he wrote, “Aging is cool because every year I get better…this is the best I’ve ever had it!”

The video of Steve Harvey went viral. Fans could relate to the message that Steve Harvey was putting out into the world and the message resonated with a lot of his fans. The video has become one of the most watched videos on the platform with around 70,000 likes from different fans and celebrities.

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