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Torrei Hart Reminds Eniko Parrish She Was a Mistress Before She Was Wifey

  • August 22, 2017

Gas her adult a small bit and nobody’s safe. Torrei Hart had a few difference for Kevin Hart’s second wife, Eniko Parrish, and was discerning to remind her that she was initial a mistress.

Over a weekend, Eniko lit a flames when she shielded her attribute with Kevin in a criticism territory on Instagram. Eniko has claimed she and Kevin have been together for 8 years, however, a user remarkable that Kevin and Torrei have usually been divorced for six.

“You might not wish to flourish how prolonged we guys been together since that usually fuels a rumors we being a mistress,” a user wrote. “Just saying!”

Eniko responded stating: “There’s zero to flaunt. Their matrimony was damaged approach before we came in a picture… we was never a secret. She knew that as well.”

In a successive comment, Eniko wrote that there were several women Kevin cheated on Torrei with, though she wasn’t one of them. She says Torrei usually “played victim” since she and Kevin have lasted for so long.

“Those rumors were widespread from her years ago. bc she wanted to play a ‘victim’ and not possess adult to her wrong doing as well. singled me out as a mistress since we stuck..”

Torrei has settled in a past that Kevin cheated on her with Eniko. But a mom of dual has not had anything disastrous to contend about a conditions as of late since of her sons. However, she couldn’t let this IG criticism slip and clapped back.

Torrei wrote in part:

“Eniko swain routinely we don’t feed in to this, though when we addressed me directly, we forced my palm to respond… You, Kevin, and we know a truth. we offer this elementary resolution to your ‘ig Comment problems’ possibly respond truthfully or don’t respond during all. Thank we for deliberation my recommendation – Torrei”

TMZ caught adult with Torrei on Sunday (Aug. 20) in LA and asked her about a ungainly amicable media exchange. “Honestly, that’s been so prolonged ago. Why we still tripping on that?” she told a reporter. “It’s been 6 years, we unequivocally don’t know where all this is entrance from. we don’t.”

But she didn’t behind down from job Eniko a other woman. “I mean, numbers don’t lie. Dates don’t lie. She forced my palm to residence this publicly.”

Torrei divorced Kevin in Nov 2011 and he and Eniko usually distinguished their one-year anniversary. The integrate is also awaiting their initial child together. Maybe this amicable media beef between a wives of Kevin Hart is short-lived.

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