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With Ashton Kutcher On Set Of That ’90s Show, Mila Kunis’s Nerves Were Already On Edge

  • September 28, 2022

Kunis, 39, and Kutcher, 44, will reprise their roles as Jackie Burkhart and Michael Kelso in That 90s Show, the sequel to That 70s Show.

It felt very strange to shoot with other people. The actress from “Luckiest Girl Alive” said to Access that the thought made her nervous. Oh my God, I was more terrified about that than anything else in my career, and that was shooting with my spouse on the set of a 1970s show because the set is identical.

Kunis said that being married yet returning to the area where we first met and finding that everything still looks the same was surreal. As soon as we arrived on the set, I thought, “Oh… this is weird.” Strangeness abounds.

Since they hadn’t worked together on film before they started dating, Kunis claims she had a completely different impression of Kutcher after returning to the set as husband and wife.

She stated, “Oh my God, that’s what you look like when you act,” to her actor husband during rehearsals and performances. Kunis, though, is positive that That 90s Show will gratify fans of the original That 70s Show.

What a sweet little thing. The sweetness of it is undeniable. She said whoever watched the 1970s or enjoyed That 1970s Show would appreciate our tribute. I have faith in it.

Kutcher has revealed that he and Kunis debated whether they should return to the show. According to him, Mila and I were thinking about it. Finally, we reasoned, Look, we’re only where we are today because of that show, so let’s do it again. After being away for a while, we decided to return for a week of good times. He told Variety that it had been a lot of fun and completely unexpected.

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