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All for some ‘Rent Free’ love: Aima, Taha G’s upbeat song sees them in a doctor-patient relationship

  • September 10, 2022

Musicians Aima Baig and Taha G released the music video for their much-anticipated song Rent Free on Friday. With Aima revealing the hook and its fun choreography earlier this week, fans were looking forward to seeing the duo in the upbeat song.

The single features the pair in a doctor-patient relationship, a slightly inappropriate place to begin with, where the latter (played by Taha) fantasises and gushes about the former (played by Aima).

Keeping up with the “lit” world of Gen-Z, the music video is not only hippie with its use of light but the groovy song’s lyrics go as basic as a love song would — except they made it a dance track. Taha G also revealed that Rent Free is the first song from his EP Pyaar Bhi Kya Nasha Hai — and we can’t wait to see who he will collaborate with next.

Rent Free begins with Taha G serenading his doctor with how love comes with its own sets of risks and the probability of her heart getting broken often scares the lover. He continues to remind Aima to trust what he says and that they live rent-free in his mind.

Aima, in reply, starts by shutting off Taha G for she has seen and met many others like him. Her vocals go on to demand him to prove himself in order to win her special heart and that it’ll take more than just words. However, the hook, allows hope for she says he may keep her rent free in his mind by giving her lots of love and in return, she can call him hers.

Taha G’s songs Dil Kay Isharay, Dou Pal with Mannu and Tu have become cult favourites and are especially popular on Instagram reels and TikTok. Baig recently sang Quaid-e-Azam Zindabad’s song Loota Rey in which Fahad Mustafa and Mahira Khan were seen dancing and lip-syncing to her and Asrar Shah’s vocals.

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