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From positive characters to compromise, Saboor Aly details experience of shooting ‘Mushkil’

  • September 07, 2022

Saboor Aly has been the talk of the town as one of the leads for the hit drama series Mushkil. As the series drew to an anticipated close with a final mega-episode, Saboor’s performance continued to receive praise alongside her co-star and romantic lead, Khushhal Khan. Saboor sat down with FUCHSIA Magazine and gave fans an inside scoop into her character Sameen and the challenges she faced along the way.

Playing positive characters

When asked about the response she has received on her character and her thought process behind picking the role, Saboor said, “I am receiving a lot of messages and positive feedback from fans about my role in Mushkil, and a similar thing happened when I was doing Fitrat. However, my character in Fitrat was a negative character, while this time my role is completely opposite. I am receiving a lot of love. The fame one receives when playing a negative character is different from when one plays a positive character. ”

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Further distinguishing between playing a positive character as opposed to a negative one, she added, “One good thing about this positive character was that Sameen takes a stand for herself. I admired this aspect of the character. Else, I normally have a problem doing a positive character since they are usually subdued and submissive. There are some characters that take a stand for themselves while remaining a positive character. Even in our daily lives, it’s not like we’re negative characters, but we still take a stand for ourselves.”

Sameen and Faraz’s whirlwind romance

Saboor has made up her mind about her character’s much-awaited happy ending with Khushhal’s character.

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The Parizaad actor explained, “These relationships are built by God, and so we should invest in them a bit. But only invest as much as it’s needed. Faraz is not a bad person, he’s just confused. When someone is confused, they’re bound to make some mistakes along the way. Overall, he’s a good person, full of emotion, which is important as well. His emotions for Sameen may have awakened late, but it happens when someone is suddenly thrust into a situation that becomes difficult to accept.”

On Marina Khan’s direction

With veteran actor and director Marina Khan behind the camera, it is no surprise that the series has done so well. Speaking on Marina’s direction and on-set process, Saboor said, “I was sure from the beginning that the series would be a success. The team of Mushkil has been great, especially working with Marina Khan. I always wanted to act with her, but her directing has been even better. She never used to let go of the feel of a scene, and would never interrupt us while we were shooting. She allowed us a margin to perform in a way that we wanted to. She would never make us do anything that we didn’t want to.”

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Describing Marina’s fresh approach towards Sameen’s portrayal on-screen, she continued, “When it comes to my character Sameen, her brief would always be that no matter what happens and what Sameen faces, she is a strong woman and she takes a stand for herself. She didn’t want Sameen to become a quiet character who takes whatever happens to her. This is the brief that really helped me embody my character.”

Compromise as strength

The actor also explains the message that Mushkil tried to convey through Sameen’s journey, which didn’t always show the character doing what she wanted. However, while Sameen was shown compromising and marrying for the sake of her parents, the actor believes that actions of that kind showcase strength of their own.

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“Compromise is important, not just for women but for men as well. Making compromises in your life is necessary, such as changing yourself at times. I’m not saying you shouldn’t stay the way you are, but everyone has flaws and shortcomings that they can work on. Everyone also has a limit to which they can compromise, which we only realise when we make mistakes and learn from them,” the Actor in Law actor says.

“When it comes to compromising for your parents, you can see many women around us today who have compromised for their parents. When it comes to marrying according to your parent’s choice, I believe marriage is already a gamble as it is. So, you can either get married according to your own choice or leave the decision up to your parents. Both ways can lead to either a happy or a tragic ending,” Saboor concludes.

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