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I love that she’s family oriented: Shaheen Shah opens up about life partner Ansha Afridi

  • April 19, 2023

Cricketer Shaheen Shah Afridi, who got married to Shahid Afridi’s daughter Ansha Afridi earlier this year, has opened up about their love life. From where they first met to her favourite food to what he likes the most about her, the fast bowler said it all in a candid interview.

Speaking to a local news channel, Shaheen revealed that it was he who wanted to marry Ansha from the start and that it was not a decision made by his parents. “It was my marriage so obviously, it was me who thought about marrying her. Lala and my brother have been friends for a very long time, and our elders know each other too. So, my mother went ahead with the rishta (proposal) and the families agreed,” he said shyly.

Upon where the couple first met, Shaheen could not think of a particular moment since they’d known each other for a while. “There wasn’t a proper first meet-up as such. We used to go to each other’s houses. Whenever they’d come to our house so I’d see her around and then we met at our Nikkah,” he said, adding that Ansha is a fan of Shaheen’s bowling but often asks him to bat as well on the ground.

“They say that you should always have a life partner that appreciates you and thank God I have that. She doesn’t get involved much but has always supported me,” he exclaimed.

When the host asked Shaheen if his father-in-law has ever lost his temper at him, the two-time PSL champion straight up denied rumours of Shahid being an angry person. “He’s not at all short-tempered and doesn’t get angry easily. When you look at him, he might look stern and strict but if you meet him, he’s very friendly, has a good sense of humour and loves to chat. I’ve never seen him angry,” he stated.

Upon what he was looking for in a life partner when taking this decision, Shaheen stated that he loves how family-oriented Ansha is. “The best quality about her is how much she loves her parents and her sisters; which is very rare nowadays. Mobile phones have created a distance, a wall between families and we rarely see kids talking to their parents,” he said adding that Ansha’s love for her family is most attractive about her.

Concluding with food, the host asked which dishes has Shaheen started to eat after marriage upon his wife’s requests that he didn’t like eating before. To which, the hopeless romantic in the ace bowler came out and said, “Now I have to fulfil all of her requests, don’t I? I eat whatever she makes with love.” Upon Ansha’s favourite food, Shaheen said she’s a Biryani person through and through. “She eats everything but she loves Biryani. Bohat maze se khaati hai. Other than that, she likes vegetable curry too,” he concluded.

Shaheen and Ansha tied the knot in early February in a minimal nikkah according to the Afridi tribal traditions.

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