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Javed Sheikh lauds Syra Yousuf for treating Sadaf and Shahroz’s child as her own

  • April 20, 2023

Renowned Pakistani actor Javed Sheikh recently appeared on the show Shan e Suhoor and praised Syra Yousuf for her remarkable parenting skills. Despite Syra’s separation from her former husband, Shahroz Sabzwari, Syra has been taking care of their daughter, Nooreh, with great love and affection.

During the show, Javed Sheikh talked about Syra’s bond with her daughter Nooreh and how she has been beautifully taking care of her upbringing. He also mentioned how Syra has been involving Nooreh with her stepsister, Zahra Shahroz, who is Sadaf Kanwal and Shahroz Sabzwari’s daughter. 

He mentioned how it could have become tricky for Syra to send Nooreh to her father’s place, given that Shahroz and Sadaf already have a child. “It is unbelievable – I am shocked – the credit goes to Syra.”

Nida Yasir, the host, interjected to state that feeling a sense of jealousy and choosing not to send one’s daughter to mingle with her father’s side of the family can be understandable. However, she highlighted Syra’s maturity in handling the entire situation. 

The actor shared an incident where he saw Syra at a store shopping with both girls and how she clicked a picture of them to send to their father with him. He praised Syra for her loving nature and her role as a mother.

“Shahroz and Sadaf’s child is always playing in Syra’s lap,” stated Javed Sheikh. “Just last week, I saw Syra coming and we greeted each other. Upon further notice, both the young girls were with her. Unbelievable. This is such a huge thing. She keeps Shahroz and Sadaf’s child with her own daughter.”

“When we were leaving, Sadaf and Shahroz’s kid came to me,” he continued. “Syra said: just one minute, uncle. Let me take a picture. She clicked the picture and sent it to the father.”

Syra and Shahroz’s divorce was a source of shock and heartbreak to their fans and the industry alike. However, both of them have continued to show immense maturity and positivity towards each other and their co-parenting of Nooreh has been an inspiration for many. Shahroz’s marriage to Sadaf Kanwal has also been accepted by Syra, who has been actively involved in the life of her daughter’s new sister.

It is heartening to see how Syra Yousuf has been handling her personal life with such grace and maturity, setting an excellent example for everyone to follow.

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