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Joke, don’t disrespect: Teary-eyed Azekah Daniel walks out of talk show

  • September 06, 2022

There’s a thin line between humour and insensitivity that comedians should always be mindful of and the said line was crossed at a comedy show actor Azekah Daniel attended this week. After falling prey to sugarcoated insults in the name of entertainment at a recent appearance, the 26-year-old walked out of the show with tears rolling down her cheek because of the “hurtful” jokes she heard that night.

Over the weekend, Daniel, without mentioning the name of the show, shared her awful experience on Twitter. Emphasising the fact that jokes are to entertain and not offend people, she wrote, “So today I walked out of a show because some comedians clearly don’t understand the difference between humour or degrading someone. Tears rolled down as I left the set full of people. Jokes are meant to be funny not hurt someone’s feelings.”

The comment section was quickly flooded with agreement and messages of regret for the Dunk actor. While feeling sorry for Daniel, a fan had a message for shows that can do anything for mere ratings.

“Stop disrespecting and degrading others in the name of comedy for the ratings of your show. Degrading someone so much that they have to leave the show midway, this is sad to hear,” they wrote. Others asked Daniel to “spill the show’s name” and shame the comedian(s) publically.

Daniel is currently starring in the family drama titled Hasrat. The show also stars actors Hira Tareen, Mashal Khan, Hammad Shoaib and Behroze Sabzwari in pivotal roles.

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