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Not everyone is comfortable: Muneeb on why sister-in-law Minal Khan refused to do a project with him

  • April 26, 2023

Actors and sisters Aiman Khan and Minal Khan are always out and about with their spouses and baby Amal but despite being in the same field of work, the stars have barely ever worked together.

Muneeb Butt and Aiman made a guest appearance at Faysal Quraishi’s Ramazan transmission where Muneeb revealed that he does get many offers to work with his wife and sister-in-law but one of them end up saying no to the project.

During a game segment, host Faysal asked Muneeb a question that fans had sent. “You wish to work with Aiman and Minal but you never get offered projects that cast you together. Is that true?” the host stated.

To which, the Sar-e-Rah actor opined that they get many offers, with the latest one dated three months ago. “No, no. We get many offers to be cast together for serials. In fact, I got an offer for a project with Minal just three or four months ago,” he stated.

Upon being asked why he refused the project, Muneeb shared that it was actually his sister-in-law that said no. “Minal refused to do it,” he said while adding that there isn’t any beef between them. “The reason for her rejection was that there were Ramazan serials going on amongst other things. Not everyone is comfortable working together,” he concluded.

Earlier, Muneeb had said that he can “never work” with his wife’s sister because they look “too similar” for it to not be awkward for the audiences. On Waseem Badami’s show Har Lamha Purjosh, when Muneeb was asked about an actor he is more likely to work with other than his wife Aiman in a drama, he practically said anyone but his sister-in-law.

“I can never work with Minal because people won’t be able to differentiate if it’s Aiman or Minal. It will be an awkward situation so that’s out of the question anyway,” he said, adding that he would rather work with his co-star Ramsha Khan since she’s a good friend of his wife.

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