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Paresh Rawal confirms ‘Hera Pheri 3’ is in the making

  • July 19, 2021

Paresh Rawal’s rib-tickling entertainer Hungama 2 is all set for a July 23 release. The project will see the Bollywood actor collaborating once again with director Priyadarshan.

According to Rawal, the film is a “very clean family entertainer with a good storyline.” In conversation with The Indian Express – just a few days before the release of his upcoming film – Rawal spilled the beans on a potential third installment of the all-time popular franchise Hera Pheri. And, we cannot wait!

When asked about Hera Pheri 3, Rawal said, “They are trying to work it out. Hopefully, by the end of this year, you will get good news.” Speaking about whether there is a fear of being repetitive with the comedy genre, he mentioned, “You can become repetitive or regressive if your story is not good.”

Talking specifically about Hungama 2, Rawal noted that when it comes to Priyadarshan, the audience will never “experience vulgar or double meaning comedy. You will not see any sort of physical deformity being ridiculed.” He expressed that a situational comedy like Hungama 2 “won’t go out of fashion. So, that is the advantage of working with him.”

Continuing to speak about whether a comedy restricts an actor in any way, Rawal continued, “It all depends on the script. When you are working on a comedy film, don’t think you are attempting comedy. Treat it like another or any other character. You are just playing a character in a comical situation but you should not take it upon yourself. You stick to your job, which is acting.” He concluded, “The rest is on the director. In my perspective, it is a healthy way of approaching comedy.”

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