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Salman Khan narrowly escapes assassination attempt: Indian media

  • June 12, 2022

Bollywood actor narrowly escaped an assassination attempt, reported Indian media. Times Network first reported the news and shared that a sharpshooter with a small-bore weapon hidden in a modified hockey casing carry out the assassination of the famous Bollywood star. The sharpshooter was reportedly planted outside the actor’s residence.

The perpetrators had allegedly conducted a recon of the Dabangg actor’s house and discovered that Khan does not accompany security guards when he goes cycling in the morning. The report further added that the assassins were aware that the actor was vulnerable at the time and devised a plan to eliminate Khan. Lawrence Bishnoi, a suspect in Punjabi rapper and politician Sidhu Moose Wala’s murder case, sent the sharpshooter. 

However, the plot was later foiled as the sharpshooters were about to carry out their plan and Khan was about to leave his house that morning, an escort of the Mumbai Police was at his gate, engaged with the actor because he had a public function that day.

This sudden development perturbed the sharpshooter and his associates, and they decided that now was not the time to carry out their plan. They were afraid of being apprehended by police, as per the publication. 

Previously, following the harrowing murder of Moose Wala by a gang troupe, the Bollywood actor’s security had been beefed up. The 56-year-old actor has been on the radar of criminal groups for a long time now and according to Indian media, police officials have enhanced the protection unit outside his residence. 

According to Pinkvilla, a sudden preventative measure was taken after gangster Lawrence Bishnoi’s name emerged as the key suspect accused in Moose Wala’s murder. A senior police official told the publication that Mumbai police has enhanced the overall security of the Dabangg actor to ensure he’s safe from any harmful intentions of the Bishnoi gang, which operates from Rajasthan.

Khan has been on Bishnoi’s radar after the infamous blackbuck poaching case during the shoot of his 1999 blockbuster Hum Saath Saath Hain. The Bishnoi community considers the blackbuck to be a sacred animal and Khan’s involvement in poaching had hurt the community’s sentiments.

In 2018, Bishnoi went so far as to threaten Khan that he’ll kill him. Rahul alias Sunni, one of Bishnoi’s close associates arrested in 2020 for murder, said that they had not only hatched a plan to kill Khan but had even visited Mumbai to conduct a recce for the murder.

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