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Sanam Jung addresses divorce rumours, blames social media

  • July 17, 2021

Breaking out of one’s shell is not an easy task. For actors, who are often stereotyped in the entertainment industry, taking on roles different from the ones they are immune to, can be a rather risky move. But for Sanam Jung, it’s all about being a daredevil.

The doe-eyed actor has more often than not opted for roles of a simpleton. But she’s always up for a challenge. After taking up several projects as the protagonist, the Dil-e-Muztar recently tried her hand at being a baddie in the drama serial, Qarar. Her character, the cunning and vile Maya, was lauded by many as the star proved her acting prowess.

Sanam, while talking to Urdu News, shed light on how she decided to change turfs and step into a different avatar. “I had been playing very positive roles and I felt that something different should be done now,” the actor shared. “At the same time, the drama serial Qarar was offered and the role I played in it was that of a selfish, arrogant girl who makes her own decisions, ignoring others I thought I should do it, so I agreed.”

Overwhelmed with the response she received for the same, Sanam added, “I am happy that people appreciated the positive roles as well as the negative ones,” the Alvida star penned. “I have been playing roles in which I used to cry. This time, I thought why not make others cry instead of being helpless and crying in the drama.”

When asked about how she can relate to her on-screen character, Maya, Sanam mentioned, “In the role I played, the girl makes all the decisions herself, but I can’t say that I can relate. I take care of the consent of the family in all my decisions.”

The Mohabbat Subha Ka Sitara actor also spoke about how many opined that the storylines of drama serials are eerily similar to one another nowadays. Sanam, however, begs to differ. She feels the idea of all the dramas being similar, possibly stems from the fact that the audience likes to watch sappy-sad stories. “People like the idea of emotional turmoil in the dramas. It’s the responsibility of the producers and channel owners to change this trend. But the notable thing is how such dramas manage to garner highest ratings.”

Apart from being a skilled actor, Sanam hosted morning shows for a while as well. She went on to talk about her experience as a host and shared, “I didn’t start hosting programs after I started my acting career. Rather, I worked as a host first and then moved on to acting.”

As of late, morning show hosts have been under the strict scrutiny of viewers over the content they have been putting out. Sanam asserted, “Those who criticise the hosts of the present age are beyond comprehension because every age has its own demand. Today, if someone is hosting a program, then, of course, she is doing it according to the will of the channel and only if people are watching the show, then the show is running.”

She also revealed she doesn’t have a particular ‘dream role.’ While a few film offers have been coming her way, she hasn’t found the perfect one yet. “Everyone has set their own boundaries, so if I am satisfied with a role, I will definitely work in a film,” she said.

Recently, rumours about the actor’s divorce from her husband were circulating on social media. Speaking of the same, Sanam said, “I was not upset at all due to the false news of my divorce on social media. Just because I didn’t post pictures with my husband, everyone thought we had gotten a divorce,” adding, “Someone wrote the same thing in the comment below my Instagram post, so I also jokingly wrote that it happened because of you. I did not expect that this joke will spread so much that it will put pressure on the family as well.”

The actor also weighed in on how she maintains a work-life balance. “I help my daughter have her breakfast, send her to school and keep in touch with family by phone even when I’m shooting,” she concluded.

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